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whiteelephantco brass candlesticks

Peacock chair and vintage rentals serving the regions of
Sacramento | Central Valley | Bay Area
To book a reservation, please MESSAGE US with your desired rental piece(s) and event date.
Rentals are subject to availability.
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Current vintage decor available to rent:

*Prices shown are the rental item price only and DOES NOT include security deposit or any other applicable fees.

 whiteelephantco vintage brass

We currently have forty-five (45) various brass candlesticks available to rent at $1.50/a piece.

Small brass candlesticks of varying styles and sizes, $1.50 to rent per piece.

whiteelephantco &
We currently have six (6) 2-3ft tall brass candlesticks in stock; $6/each. Contact us to reserve them for your event.

Tall Brass Candlesticks

Our tall brass candlesticks provide varying heights to your decor! $6/each

White Elephant Co. vintage brass vases for rent. Floral arrangements by Jes Flowers.

Vintage brass vases of different styles and sizes. We currently have ten (10) available to rent; $4/each.

Floral arrangements were created by Jes Flowers (

White Elephant Co. vintage brass vases are available to rent for your next event!

Vintage brass vases in small to medium sizes. Each with its own beautiful character. $4/each to rent.

whiteelephantco globe rental

We currently have 5+ vintage globes available to rent
$10/each to rent

whiteelephantco globe rentals

And yes, our globes are real vintage! $10/each to rent.